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Social Responsibility


Social responsibility of business — it is not only in words for us! OAO NPO Promavtomatika has an active vital position in this direction, combining sponsor and charity activity. Understanding the role of social responsibility of business in the society development, the company’s management has supported the state policy in the field of patriotic education of youth. Thereupon on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War a target Program “Support in spiritual and moral education of youth on the basis of unity of generations and the heroic past” has been worked out. It is a 6 year program to be completed in the year of 65th anniversary of the Great Victory.The Program is aimed at support of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and working people of home front, support of the state efforts toward revival of the Russian Navy, patriotic education of youth, training to service in Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The Program is aimed at young employees of the enterprise, veterans of the enterprise, youth of pre-recriuitment age, staff of seamen of the sponsored ship. The management and the staff of the company are involved in its realization. Within the Program cooperation with the Navy General staff, Command of Northern fleet, the Military commissariat of the Krasnodar Territory, the Department on science and education of the Krasnodar Territory, representatives of the veteran organisation of the enterprise has been organized. Since February 2005 the enterprise sponsors a small rocket ship Rassvet of Northern fleet. In the history of Navy it is one of few cases when the enterprise decided to take the crew of the battleship under its patronage. Sponsor agreement supported by the Military council of Northern fleet is signed by the commander of the battleship and the General Director of the enterprise. Annually on the date of celebration of the Day of the Defender of Motherland and the Day of Navy a delegation from the enterprise visits the sponsored ship. According to the Agreement tools, devices, clothes, sports stock, home appliances have been passed to the staff of the ship, repair of the ship premises have been done. The enterprise assists in selection of recruits for service on the sponsored ship. Eight recruits from the Krasnodar Territory have served on the ship according to the Agreement. Sponsorship of OAO NPO Promavtomatika was highly appreciated by the Military council of Northern fleet. Under the care of the enterprise there are 18 veterans of the Great Patriotic War and working people of home front, who previously worked at the enterprise. Within the Program evening parties of the veterans with young employees of the enterprise are organized, financial aid to the state holidays is given.

Since 2008 the veterans get a monthly material support to their labour pension at the expense of the corporate pension program. Since 2006 the enterprise has stable sponsor relations with the municipal educational institution Gymnasia №33. Within the development of mutually advantageous cooperation on the basis of noncommercial relations special attention is payed to patriotic education of pupils of the Gymmnasia № 33 and physical traning of employees of the enterprise. Since August, 2007 a Program on individual grants to five students from Kuban high schools, children-orphans or children without parents care is functioning together with the Department on science and education of the Krasnodar Territory. In 2007 the enterprise foundeded unncommercial educational fund POISK of support to mentally able children of Kuban.

The results of the Program implementation:
Making the labour staff, young employees interested in significant for the country events, improvement of financial position of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and working people of the home front, improvement of conditions of life of the crew of МRК Rassvet, maintenance of technical readiness of the ship, uniting the military staff; improvement of material and technical basis of Gymnasia № 33, assistance in patriotic education of pupils.

Estimation of the Program implementation:

“On behalf of the Military Council of the Red Banner Northern fleet I express sincere thanks  and gratitude to you for strengthening and dynamical development of sponsor relations with the small rocket ship Rassvet of Kola mixed forces flotilia. Your concern for the North fleet seamen contributes to qualitative solution of combat training, life conditions of the staff, maintenance of technical readiness of the ship; it testifies inseparable unity of Russian people with soldiers of Army and Fleet. I am sure that our mutually advantageous cooperation will become a worthy example for those heads of subjects, territories and districts of our country acting as sponsors to fleet, will serve to rising of authority and prestige of military service”.

A. G. Dyakonov,
Rear Admiral, the Vice-Commander of Northern fleet

“We are grateful to you for not forgetting us, veterans. Everyone can freely come at the enterprise and address with own problems to any level manager and get helpful assistane. Besides, great attention is paid to making our every day life easy, expressed in gifts to holidays, invitations to celebratory ceremonies and monthly extra payment to our pension. As it is the only source of incomes for us, in conditions of constant rise of prices for utilities, products of the first necessity and medicine, monthly material assistance is very significant for us. We are proud of our enterprise”.

V. E. Tarabarov,
The representative of the veteran organization OAO NPO Promavtomatika.


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