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Conformity Certificate receiving




OAO NPO Promavtomatika received a certificate to prove conformity of software and hardware complex of fire-fighting automation system SHC FFAS-S (on the basis of Siemens controllers S7) to Technical regulations for fire safety requirements.

Software and hardware complex of fire-fighting automation systems (SHC FFAS) is designed for information gathering from fire detectors, alarms, terminal switches, gas contamination monitoring sensors secondary instruments; processing of this information according to specified algorithms and issue of control instructions to fire-fighting automatic units, warning means, technical and process equipment control system. The complex is developed on the basis of leading global producers’ software and hardware. SHC FFAS includes fire alarm control and indicating equipment (FACIE) and fire-fighting control device (FFCD).

Scope of application – automatic fire alarm, gas contamination and fire-fighting systems (AFA GC&FFS) with warning and evacuation systems (W&ES) for different production facilities. SHC FFAS can operate not only autonomously but also as a part of systems. When operated autonomously each SHC FFAS includes alarm and control panel (ACP). When operated as a part of systems ACP can be installed in one of SHC FFAS. ACP can be made in separated cabinet for remote installation.

When SHC FFAS is applied as a part of systems exchange of data with other system elements can be performed via the following fieldbus networks: HART, Modbus RTU, Profibus or Ethernet.

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